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Spring Session Info

Team Placements (tentative) 

Please send us an email Sunday 2/23  to let us know if you can or cannot commit to the Spring Session. If you cannot commit, this gives an opportunity for another player to be placed on a team. Thank you!

Titans - Black Team

Ajay Manickam
Brandon Luong
Damascus Shields
Dylan Sundell
Ehssan Kanamkandy
Ian Yoon
Jake Roumbanis
Karan Dhindsa
Partha Pulmamidi
Rishi Singla
Rushil Aramandla


Titans - Red Team

Aradh Vallabhaneni
Armaan Garg
Jackson Braden
JJ Jamali
Joseph Gibson
Jake Clevenger
Jordan Taylor
Justin Singh
Elliot Green
Nick Tam
Nikhil Karthik
Sai Yakkanti
Trevor Porter


Titans - White Team

Adrian Flip
Aarav Ranjan
Anish Vuppula
Abhinav Chunduru
DJ Wang
Ethan Hom
Gaurav Trikha
Hargun Jeneja
Saharsh Reddy
Sanil Saxena
Vir Goel
Viswa Choudhary

Titans - Gray Team

Akshaan Garg
Akshay Anandh
Anish Potta
Erick Adams
Gabe Sturm
Mihir Ranjan
Ryan Gill
Shiva Pulmamidi
Shree Khangoankar
Vedant Mehta
Zack Limkakeng

Titans - Blue Team




NOTE: Not all team assignments are permanent and there may be some movement, but if your name is listed - Congratulations! We look forward to a good season.



Congratulations you made the team!


1. Check your team assignment and see cost table below.

2. By end of day Sunday 2/23, send email to to commit to the session as well as let us know how you plan to pay. 

3. Practices - Gym availability is very tough in February and March. We have requested gym times from tri-valley cities and are still waiting on approvals. We will have at least 1 practice for each team next week. Check calendar for times and locations. Thank you for the patience!

4. First Practice - Payments will be collected (cash or check) as well as signed Code of Conduct form (found on the More / Connect / Player Portal). Once we get the Code of Conduct, you will receive your jersey.

5. Tournament schedules will be posted on the team pages by 2/29.

6. After Team Pages have been created (2/29) download SportsEngine phone app to get updates on your team's schedules. you can also message other parents to coordinate rides to games and practices.

7. Player Registration form is required for all players. Click on the link on the home page under "Join our Program" to fill out the 2020 Player Registration Form.


If you didn't make a team . . .


Likely we didn't have enough players try out with similar skillsets as you to make a team.

Please continue to work on your game by attending the Skills Workouts. (Must be a fully registered player) Also you can download workout sheets to improve shooting, ball-handling and strength.

Tryouts for Summer Session (May 2020)

Team Duration Practices Strength Games Jersey COST (excluding  jersey)
Black 10 2 1 21-27 $85 $875
Red 10 2 1 21-27 $85 $875
White 10 2   18-21 $85 $715
Gray 10 1-2   15-18 $85 $670
Blue 10 1-2   10-15 $50 $375

Skill Workout $50 - add on ($200 value)

Team: Team placement
Duration: Number of weeks in session (no activities Spring Break)
Practices: Number of practices per week (dependent on gym availability) - 60-90 minutes.
Strength: Number of 60-90 minute Strength Workouts per week included in session price.
Games: Number of games to be played in tournaments per session.
Jersey: Cost of high-quality team uniform / jersey, if you already have a jersey from previous session, no need to purchase a new one.
Cost: Cost of Spring Session without cost of jersey.

Skill Workout: Add $50 to your total and get 1 workout per week during session ($200 value).  See below for details on Skill Workouts.

PAYMENT DUE online (credit card payment with transaction fee) before first practice or at first practice (cash or check). 

Importance of Skills Workouts - each player needs to work on skills in two categories - team skills and individual skills . Team skills will be improved at the team practices. High level of training from Coach Jeros is essential for player development. Individual skills must progress in many other categories in order to compete at the highest levels ---ball-handling,  court IQ,  shooting,  offensive moves, etc. These skills are vital and this is why we offer Skill Workouts year round.